A Message From Mike

Greetings Adventurers!

This is it, the final episode of The Meeting Stone!!! And really, episode 99 was the final traditional episode. 100 is us hanging out, coming up with our 100 favorite games. Because of how we recorded it, the quality sounds a lot like our pilot episode, so sorry and you’re welcome for that full circle vibe.

So you might be wondering, how? Why?? To be clear, it’s nothing heavy, these were fairly easy decisions despite the 4 year history. If I’m being honest… maybe some time in the last 4ish months, I began to wonder how The Meeting Stone ends. But the thoughts were fleeting and I never really dwelled on it, but the idea floated around in my head 2-3 times.

It was my birthday weekend (3/31), I had that Friday and Monday off, WrestleMania was Sunday- sweet. At the last minute I decided to meet my buddy at one of our neighborhood bars for the Penguin game that Friday night and it hit me we never set a time for episode 99! I quickly text Bell and told him to think it over and let me know in the morning what times work for him. We catch up Saturday morning, Saturday didn’t work for me, Sunday is busy too… WrestleMania. Monday night it is.

This careful dance of planning when we’d do the episode had been a part of our lives since June 2013. Somehow, someway we pulled it off every time without fail, whether we’d be out of town, celebrating a holiday, having a baby, you name it, we made it happen! Monday morning (I’m still on vacation mind you!) I’m sitting there with my son Luke it and it just hits me, it’s time. I’ve said everything I had to say and I’ve dedicated as much time to this project as I want to. It kind of freaked me out how quickly the decision came. But hold on! This is not a one man show! Bell’s working, so despite the weight of what I have to tell him, I send him a text:

Me – dude this is a big bomb for a text but I think this is my penultimate meeting stone, I feel like ive said plenty and reached a good place, but of course….. Your thoughts? Sorry I know this is a text and your at work!!

Bell – Actually, I agree. I think this is a good spot. Timing feels right too. 100 episodes is quite a conquest, and I’m happy with whatever we decide!

Well, that’s Bell.. down for anything! Mind you we’ve never discussed an ending before. I can’t stress this part enough- if my co-host wasn’t so damn steady and dependable we never would have flirted with 100. The decision to end it came as easy as the decision to start it.

So that’s the story of the end of The Meeting Stone. It ended just like it began, with a quick decision. I like to think we ended it before it ended us! When would that time have come, ep 123? 167? We’ll never find out, we’ll never have episodes where Bryan and I were begrudgingly showing up. It feels great to say that every minute of those 100 episodes was the best! Even when it was tough to find the time, the minute I hit record none of that mattered, we were locked in and having the times of our lives.

Thank you for hanging out with us for the last couple years. If you enjoyed your times at The Meeting Stone, know that we did just as much, if not more. To our patrons, thank you, thank you, thank you. We’ll be in touch with you all individually.

As for going forward, I’m not going anywhere, get in touch on twitter @mikekassep, I’m easy to find. Also, some of you might be wondering about Flick Heads. Flick Heads shall continue! We did episode 100 the weekend Flick Heads should have been so we’re going to take a week but that show is still very much on. In addition to me and Smurf, Bell is as much part of that show as he wants to be. So in other words, expect to hear him on that show a bit more than you already do!

I hope that captured everything or answered any questions you might have, but obviously ask away if anything’s on your mind.

Until next time adventurers!


A Message from Bell

So here we are, the end of the line. I’m not one for cliches or big speeches. I’m a straight shooter. What you see is what you get. Ain’t nothin’ gonna break-a my stride. Nobody’s gonna slow me down.

Ok, now that I got that out of my system, let me get serious. I’ve never been the best at conveying my thoughts and feelings, which might make you wonder why on earth I started a podcast nearly 4 years ago. Honestly, your guess would be as good as mine. Mike and I decided to give it a shot pretty much on a whim. Within a week or two, we were testing our equipment and recording our admittedly bad pilot episode. We kept at it, got better and had a ton of fun along the way. I think of how many life events occurred to me personally since we started the show. I got married, had a son, bought a house, even won a doghouse. This show has been there every step of the way. That alone makes it very special to me.

Of course, none of this would have been possible without the man at the helm, Mike. It was a pleasure to go thru 100 episodes with that man, and I have been honored to call him a co-host and much more, one of my closest friends. If you want to thank anyone, thank him. His effort and time dedication to The Meeting Stone is obviously second to none. Our occasional guests, namely Smurf and Greg, were a ton of fun to have added to the mix, and I want to thank them for jumping in with us from time to time.

The show is responsible for so many memories and connections, it’s hard to collectively give them justice. The highlights are certainly Blizzcon 2014, a trip that to this day boggles my mind. The show took us all the way to Anaheim California and it’s simply something I’ll never forget. Our flagship gathering, MyloCon 2015, will also be something that I look back fondly on. It was beyond humbling to have a handful of people cross state lines to come spend a weekend with our little network doing nerd stuff the whole time. It created a unique bond between us all, and the friendships created go far beyond a podcast. The random connections, the Stone Haven guild mates, the twitter friends, it all went hand-in-hand with this show and I want to thank you all for making this a fun and memorable journey.

To anyone else who interacted with the show, or those of which who simply listened a time or two, I can’t thank you enough for letting us enter your lives, even for a short time. It’s been truly a honor. Red light’s on. Catch you on the flip side.

Episode 100 – The Meeting Stone’s Definitive 100 Favorite Video Games

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Episode 99 – Eternia

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Episode 98 – Assault on the Broken Shore

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