Episode 1 – Zombies in Azeroth???

Episode 1 is here (complete with no annoying child actors)!

We explore the dangers of not keeping your hampster sized dog on a leash.

Brad Pitt saves the world from zombies.

How crazily strategic Fire Emblem Awakening is.

Sony Vs Microsoft, round 1, FIGHT!

EverQuest Next was actually at E3… shhh!

Down’ed WoW raid bosses, our thoughts on Virtual Realms, Flex Raids, and all you’d ever want to know about why Bell’s mage carries the Wolf Slayer Sniper Rifle.

Put this thing on a leash

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4 comments on “Episode 1 – Zombies in Azeroth???
  1. Gdk says:

    One–you payed it forward with your heroic saving of the mini dog 🙂
    Two–I now know the difference between slow and fast zombies!!
    Lastly, video games are way beyond what I ever imagined!! Great work guys!!

  2. Smurf says:

    Excellent first installment gentlemen. Looking forward to the next podcast. Your views on WoW and pop culture in general reflect my own. You seem to have a great chemistry with your banter that I believe will lend itself to several topics in the mylofone community. Keep up the good work. P.S. I would have let the dog die. Just saying.

    • kassepm says:

      Right on Smurf, glad we could pass an hour and a half for ya!

      Feed backs been great and we’re thankful for any and all that have already given The Meeting Stone a listen.

      Whether your at work, walking your dog(not you smurf), cutting your grass, or whatever you may be doing toss in your ear buds and join in on the action!

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