Episode 11 – Back To DraenEr

Welcome back to the Meeting Stone everyone! Your ears are always appreciated!

Blizzcon will be choked down, one glorious bite at a time. We explain the method we’ll be gorging ourselves on the post info feast!

Poking are heads in on Dozzy and Grendar and see what their up to in Azeroth the past week.

Mike caught the Firefly bug and just had to share it with you well Bell gets the chance to hop back in some SoO Normals.

Oh yeah, Happy PS4 Day!!! Is the system already in your living room?

Mario and Link race to their own release date, with the X-Box One hot on their heels.

We’re going to need a lot of electricity to power all this stuff, fortunately THOR the God of Thunder has returned to a movie theater near you!

A friend of the show pops in to cast a rain cloud on everyone’s day, but the mood brightens once we all jump into Back to the Future… fitting for what’s on deck in Warcraft!

After pulling a random grouping of Blizzcon topics from a hat, Mike and Bryan spit fire their way through the new character models, all things Hearthstone, and the introduction of the new raid tiers.

Finally, Bell gets the fire going with a story about Draenor, what it is, why we’re going there… pretty much what we know so far for the next expansions story arc.

Don’t just sit there, listen and and join us for another party at The Meeting Stone!

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