Episode 13 – Bells Will Be Ringing

Episode 13, on Friday the 13th, in the year 2013…….. Not that anyone’s keeping score!

Bells g mail account is put in jeopardy as him and the Griffins barrels towards Garrosh!

Spider-Man’s itching to get back in the theaters but with The Hobbit just releasing, is the fanboy movie getting a little cluttered??

Greg pops in to give some suggestions for the retro gaming fan in your life.

Smurf does also, he hasn’t slept, but he did see The Hobbit!

Gear and inventory changes are discussed, sounds pretty good!

Garrisons are given a closer look.

And Bell and Mike discuss a time in their World of Warcraft history they deem the most special… their golden era if you would!

Join us at The Meeting Stone as we get ready for the holidays wont you!

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