Episode 2 – Yes… Yes John Malkovich is stoned!

Welcome back to Episode 2 of The Meeting Stone.

Today, we explore just how bat shyte crazy John Malkovich really is.

A thank you to Rho from Realm Maintenance for his shout out to the show.

The great flood of Pittsburgh while Mike was buying $41 t-shirts at the beach.

EverQuest Next finally shows off a little of the art for the upcoming title.

NewNew EverQuest

Old EverQuest

Hideo Kojima’s depressed about Grand Theft Auto V.

The new Daft Punk’s pretty killer.

Hearthstone in game, who out there is going to use Proving Grounds, what kind of say is King Varian Wrynn going to have in naming the new War Chief…

And so much more! Join us as we once again adventure to The Meeting Stone!

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