Episode 61 – Play Me a Song

Coming up on episode 61 of The Meeting Stone!

Patch 6.2.3 extends the life of Warlords

Rebels and Empire join the battle of Hoth early

Pepe is given the plush treatment

The 2015 Blizzcon schedule has been revealed

Star Craft offers a free digital comic

Y the Last Man may finally be filmed

We get the low down on Versatility, try to identify the different music heard in Azeroth, and much more on this black burger episode of… The Meeting Stone!

Big thanks to Rob and all the info he provided below!

First up: Versatility

Versatility is really simple. 1% of Versatility will give you a 1% increase to your Damage, Heals, and Absorbs AND reduces the damage you take by 0.5% The healing increase Versatility provides DOES work on self-heals, but heals based on health percentage, such as the Hunter Talent Exhilaration and the Mage’s Glyph of Regenerative Ice , are not affected by any heal-increasing effects, including Versatility.

DISCLAIMER: I am by no means a Min/Maxer, Theorycrafter, and/or WoW number cruncher. Every combination of Class and Spec prioritize each of the secondary stats differently due to certain passive abilities and procs that particular class/spec provides. I have never heard of a class/spec combination that valued Versatility the highest but i could be wrong

For PVE: Most classes did not make Versatility a very high priority because it took so much of it for it to be efficient/effective. Other secondary stats like Crit, Haste, Multistrike, and Mastery were generally valued more because it took less of it to get more out of it if that makes sense.

For PVP: I am not a very big PVPer but from what I have heard Versatility is valued more in PVP because of the 0.5% reduced damage part of the stat, and lets be honest… who doesn’t want more just straight passive damage and heals/absorbs!!! lol.

Second: WoW Elves (and Sylvanas)

Here is a brief Cliff Notes version of the Elf race.

In the beginning there was one race of elves known as the Kaldorei or more commonly known as Night Elves. As their civilization grew they split into 2 groups: The Kaldorei (Night Elves) and the Quel’dorei, also known as The Highborne. Consider the Highborne the “upper class” or Nobles of the elf society.

The Highborne, Led by Queen Azshara, wanted to understand the power of the Well of Eternity and after messing with it for a while they summoned the Burning Legion to Azeroth. Azshara becomes loyal to Sargerus and the Burning Legion which caused a split in the Quel’dorei (Highborne). Azshara and her followers get turned into the first Naga and the rest of the Highborne join the Night Elves to fight off the Burning Legion. This leads to The War of the Ancients which ends with the implosion of the Well of Eternity and the Sundering of Kalimdor.

After that the Kaldorei Night Elves did not trust the Highborne Qual’dorei and banished them from their society. They also abandoned magic and the Acane arts to pursue Druidism. After being exiled the Highborne eventually settled in Quel’Thalas (northern tip of the Eastern Kingdoms) and abandoned their Highborne name. The Qual’dorei are now commonly known as High Elves and adapted to live during the daytime instead of at night like their brethren the Night Elves.

Sylvanas and the rest of the Windrunner family belong to the Qual’dorei High Elf race.

When Arthas and the Scourge invade Quel’Thalas Sylvanas and her rangers are on the front lines to stop them. After many battles Sylvanas and her army are forced to retreat. Arthas eventually corners and overruns Sylvanas and her forces and he singles her out in the middle of the battle. Arthas cuts down Sylvanas but instead of killing her he captures her and corrupts her body and soul bending her to his will and turns her into the first Undead High Elven Banshee, a slave to the Lich King. Arthas uses her to help him assault and destroy her own people and capitol city of Silvermoon to secure his final goal, The Sunwell.

There is much more lore and story that goes on with Sylvanas and Arthas but eventually Arthas loses his hold on her and she is able to use her powers as a Banshee to repossess her body that belonged to her in life and becomes known as The Dark Lady and then Mistress of the Forsaken. So i guess currently she is an Undead High Elf?

After the destruction of Quel’Thalas the leader of the the Quel’dorei High Elves, Kael’Thas, renames his people to the Sin’dorei, more commonly known as Blood elves, in memorium of those who had fallen during Arthas’ siege of their homeland.

Kael’Thas and the Blood Elves story continues on into the events of the Burning Crusade expac for WoW but being that i said this was just going to be the Cliff Notes version of the Elves story i will stop here for now hehe. Oh, one more thing. There is still a very small percentage of Quel’dorei High elves that did not take on the Sin’dorei Blood Elf name and are loyal to the Alliance. So much for your compliment in the last episode of being able to explain stuff with such few words!

Third: Warlords of Draenor Storyline

There seemed to be some confusion on why we were even going to this alternate timeline in the first place. To me the answer is pretty simple. To stop the Iron Horde from invading OUR current timelines Azeroth. If you remember at the end of Mists of Panderia we had a mini quest line that sent us to the Blasted Lands and we discovered the Dark Portal was reopened and the Iron Horde were starting their invasion. At the beginning of Warlords when we first go through the portal and we see how massive the threat is that is gathering and about to pour through the portal into our timeline’s Azeroth, We have no choice but to destroy the Dark Portal and trap ourselves on alternate timeline Draenor. In doing this we end of getting wrapped up in the story and events that are going on in this world.

I personally thought it was pretty awesome to get a chance to go back and see Draenor before it blew up and became Outland. I liked being able to see Karabor before it became The Black Temple as we know it today and Auchindoun before it blew up. It was cool to see how different Shadowmoon Valley was before the Burning Legion and Illidan took over and how different Tanaan Jungle/Hellfire Peninsula are.

Finally: Garrosh’s Death

Now you have got to remember that this is coming from someone that has spent most of his WoW career playing as a member of the Horde and who LOVES Thrall as a character. Thrall is probably my favorite character in the game followed closely by Sylvanas.

So for me I thought Garrosh’s death was pretty epic and awesome because it was a chance to watch Thrall actually kick some ass instead of trying to talk down the situation. I also thought the relationship between Thrall and Garrosh was real and moving. For a split second during that cut scene I actually felt bad for Garrosh and was angry with Thrall when Gary was talking about how Thrall just kind of left him alone with all these responsibilities of the Horde. But then Garrosh got crushed by a stone hand and was struck down by lightning and all was right in the world…of warcraft… again!

Anyways guys, I hope i didn’t ramble on too long for you. I can’t wait to hear ep 61 and as always, keep up the great work guys!

aka Kronika
aka Strahd

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