Episode 8 – The Greatest Show… That Ever Lived

Welcome back everyone for Episode 8 of The Meeting Stone!

Mike and Bryan are back to pay their respects to Hiroshi Yamauchi, the fallen Nintendo giant.

They take a look at what his legacy left behind with The Wind Waker HD for the Nintendo Wii U.

“How long does a game really need to be?” is explored at length.

Breaking Bad wraps things up into a satisfying burrito of excellence while Marvel’s Agents of Shield just starts getting off the ground.

The World of Warcraft Ultimate Visual Guide is looked at! (to Bryan’s surprise, Mike already has his copy sitting right infront of him)

Heroes of the Storm is theorized on just what it might be?

The Warcraft movie gets an official release date!

Congrats to <Method> for their world first Heroic 25 man kill on Garrosh!

A long lost quest line from Vanilla is drudged up for another addition of The Cozy Fire!

iTune reviews, Twitter shout outs, the 10 Greatest Shows of All Time!!!! and so much more on this episode of The Meeting Stone!!!

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