Episode 9 – HOTS is the MOBA to battle DOTA

What’s up everyone and Happy Halloween / Hallows End!

Mike and Bryan give their in game round about…

Mike crunches the numbers in the sick, twisted world of competitive Pokémon training!

Gravity floats off into space, but should it had been there in the first place?

Greg stops in to cover everything from the glory days of the arcade to the growing pains of Final Fantasy IV.

HOTS is the MOBA to battle DOTA!

Hearthstone has wiped for the last time!!! We think…

Razer signs Trump as profession digital card slinger.

What exactly happened to the darker nights in Azzeroth?

Recruit a Friend gets an upgrade paired with a more valuable Battle Chest.

And finally, Hallows End is examined, hope you enjoy!

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